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After two Private-Beats mixtapes and almost a year of serious work, we are glad to present to you our new project, Pacific Shore, an audiovisual journey inspired by a road trip under the sun of great state of California. Most of the music on this album stems from our first loves : funk, soul, hip-hop and of course, the sound of California. However, we also drew our inspiration from collaborations with some of our favourite artists and musicians from around the world : Sarah Linhares from Montréal, the band Furns from Copenhagen, Ellementt from New-York, and Jazzy Bazz from Paris. Thanks for considering our work, enjoy, and feel free to share our universe with your friends.

Summer 2011, California

Dear friends,

This classic road trip was a tour around the most famous places in the West Coast states, we are not giving you a lesson on what it was, but rather our point of view on this amazing and happy experience we had. We chose to separate our trip in two parts so we could enjoy it as much as possible. Our first destinations were on the urban side like big cities and parties, second we explored nature… the wild, National Parks, hiking and outdoor free camping.

The project began in San Francisco were Mike Ro Wave spent a few months working. We finally got together at this amazing city for a whole week with our third friend Mr. Darry, we really loved this city and it’s atmosphere. We spent a wonderfull night mixing at 800 Larkin in downtown San Francisco with all our friends Nomad and the Frisconnexion. The next afternoon we went to Baker Beach where we chilled and waited for the sun to go down. “On adore” the Bay Area but it was time for us to cruise down to South California. After a stop at Monterey CA. and a visit to the Aquarium, we took the Pacific Coast Highway (Road 1) along the Pacific Ocean, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and chilling on the road until we got to Pismo Beach for a small break and a wonderful sunset view. During our few days in LA we spent a long afternoon at the Santa Monica Beach and pier where we contemplated the fishermen look for fish… in fact “il etait tard”.

The first place we went to in LA was the unfamous and unknown Diner down Hollywood Blvd. the feeling of a lonely night was quite peaceful for a Boulevard that is usually busy and cluttered. Those three days in LA were mainly to relax and absorb the dynamic of that city, the City of Angels.

To end the urban part of our trip with a blaze of glory, we decided to drive to Las Vegas Nevada, city of madness. First stop was at the Bellagio water fountains, then we carried on with some large cocktails, gambling, strip club and a hangover. “Taxi - to the Palace Station please”.

It was time for us to leave this too-much-ness and escape to the wonderful Arizona wilderness. We are really not morning people but we had to wake up at 4:00 a.m. in the morning to see the stunning sunrise over the Grand Canyon, waking up early was definitely worth it. Following the Grand Canyon, we decided to drive to Yosemite National Park after a brief stop to Death Valley and a freaking midnight trip in the California mountains. A night in a dusty motel in Lone Pine, and few days in the serious wild side of nature, hiking and shooting rainbow waterfalls… It was tough, but such an unbelievable experience and feeling.

It was finally time for us to head back to Catown after a stop at Sacramento CA. a long night awaited us, sleeping in the car and waiting for our flight to take us back home.

We would like to thank all the artists who worked with us on the album : Sarah Linhares, Furns, Ellementt, Jazzy Bazz. And also we want to give a shout out to all people who participated and belived in Pacific Shore : Yann Legallou, Felix, Nomad and Frisco, Alejandra, Grande Ville Studio (Jimmy Whoo, Lionel, Kezo), Ben Hue, L Rey, friends and famillies...

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